About me

About me
Who are you?
My name is Matin. I was born and raised in Iran and currently I live and study in the United States.

Have you done anything interesting in the past?
Currently I’m a student so not very much to share but I’ve written some science pieces for Persian magazines and websites, including Aseman-e Shab Magazine, Fazanavard Magazine, Elmna, and previously the Iranian Space Club. I’m also active in areas of STEM and politics.

What if I have a business inquiry? Can I get your resume?
Please Contact Me and I’ll be happy to get in touch with you.

Previous Contributions

About this website
So what exactly are you doing here?
I originally started this website to put out my pictures so people can see the places I went but now I’m looking forward to writing about my interests and opinions.

What are your interests?
My interests vary a lot from science, technology to politics, law, art, architecture, music, culture, and for the most part, whatever you name. I’m an enthusiast of pretty much everything.

Do you really think your pictures are that good?
No, they’re there if you want to see the place I’ve photographed or the stories behind them.

What if I want to use your pictures?
Send me an email or use the Contact Me page and I’ll gladly provide you with an original copy.

Interesting note: This website is designed in English and Farsi (Persian). The pages aren’t translated, rather each one is exclusively written for that language.